Give Your Multi-Tenant Retail Property Advertising Flexibility with Ignite OPx

Many businesses are increasing their online advertising presence to reach consumers, but often times fail to consider using promotional messaging right in front on their brick and mortar locations. On premise digital signage offers multi-tenant retail locations flexibility and branding opportunities that can increase foot traffic and inform those in the area about deals for every tenant’s business.

Multi-tenant retail properties tend to focus on just placing the name of each individual tenant’s business on a static sign to identify what stores are located within the facility. What’s missing is a digital sign with its ability to identify tenants while also promoting discounts, new products and in-store events.

Give Your Businesses More Visibility
Using Watchfire’s Ignite OPx software makes it even easier than ever before to drive in-store purchase behavior and engage with visitors. Each facility’s property manager can control sign content from anywhere with an internet connected application like Ignite OPx. Access to the sign’s digital advertising can be included with each tenant’s monthly fee, or assessed separately, giving each tenant more choices for when and how often to advertise. Ignite gives the facility flexibility to make quick updates or schedule promotional ads months in advance.

Control Large Display Networks that Include Indoor or Outdoor
Ignite OPx is the perfect content management software for large signs, digital networks and customers who want to integrate custom data feeds. If malls and multi-tenant retail properties want to incorporate indoor video displays and control their entire digital network with the same content management software, Watchfire offers the best solution. Promotional videos are easily added by uploading an MP4 file. Welcoming visitors and sharing what each storefront has to offer helps customers plan their shopping trips and increases traffic to the entire facility.

Ignite OPx Editor
With the Ignite OPx editor, content managers have a simple way of creating custom messages using featured tools that help business stand out with their ads. Ignite also allows for segmentation, so you can display multiple content images, widgets and more on your sign at the same time. This feature is perfect for multi-tenant properties because it allows the sign’s surface to be divided and space to be assigned each store. The larger the sign, the more sections or segments can be created.

Thanks to Watchfire’s Ignite OPx, advertising multiple businesses at one location has never been easier. Learn more at

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