Digital Signage Reduces Clutter and Drives Retail Sales

Owners of multi-tenant retail locations have discovered digital signage as a way to stand out in a crowd and better serve their customers. Digital signage offers flexibility and clarity that old backlit sign can’t deliver.

You’ve seen multi-tenant retail shopping centers with backlit panels that feature the logo of each tenant. Sometimes they feature tenants who have long-since vacated the premises. They are costly to replace and look old fashioned.

The new trend in multi-tenant retail signage is to replace those small panels with a much more versatile alternative: Outdoor digital signage. Easy to update and highly visible, digital signage offers tenants a new way to advertise and reduces clutter.

Shopping centers love outdoor digital because it makes retail space more marketable. Space on the sign can be part of the lease, or available for special sales and promotions. The addition of a digital sign gives the center a modern look and serves to attract more shoppers, which in turn contributes to increased tax revenues.

Digital signage can be used to mimic the “grid” style of tenant logos when necessary, or the entire space can be used to promote a specific theme or event. Signage used in this way is a more effective use of space, providing a dynamic way to keep shoppers informed. Digital can even be used to share public service announcements.

Zoning boards have even found favor with this new trend. In Springdale, OH, the first digital sign permitted in county history was for Tri-County Towne Center. The shopping center had applied to replace an old manual reader board with a new digital sign as a way to better serve their 30 tenants. After the request was granted and the sign was installed, the center landed a contract with a 50,000+ square foot tenant.

Watchfire has worked with hundreds of multi-tenant retail locations to reduce visual clutter and provide a highly marketable signage solution. Let us help connect you with a local Watchfire dealer partner.

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