LED Signs Benefit Manufacturing Enterprises

For many companies, poor internal communication might lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities. But for manufacturing plants, inadequate communications can result in costly production failures or serious injuries.

Tech-savvy companies often use LED signs to fill the communication gaps that factories and their workers experience when some employees don’t have constant access to emails, and paper flyers or PA system announcements don’t work. Here are some unique ways that companies are using internal LED displays to improve communications and their bottom lines.

Cutting through Clutter
Flyers or TV monitors in the breakroom can become part of the daily media clutter that workers learn to selectively ignore. Large LED signs with dynamic messages break through that clutter, increasing readership and retention. (Digital displays have 83% recall rate, according to Digital Signage Today.) Watchfire custom builds signs to fit any interior area, including video walls and ceiling-hung installations. Plus, a single, centrally-located LED display can be more affordable than multiple TV monitors. 

Boosting Lean Manufacturing
The basic concept of lean manufacturing is simple. Minimize waste, like downtime, defects and excess inventory, without sacrificing productivity. Visualization is a vital key to this continuous improvement. Displaying real-time production data, response time and warehouse stock levels on LED displays helps employees and managers adjust their processes. Watchfire signs seamlessly integrate with production and tracking systems.

Share KPI Reports
Engaged employees are productive employees. When KPI reports are shared throughout the company, it can foster pride, personal responsibility, and healthy competition. Watchfire’s high definition LED displays are ideal for displaying charts, graphs and performance dashboards. Watchfire’s Ignite software makes it easy to network several signs together and display different information on different signs simultaneously.

Reduce Accidents and Injury
On average, injuries cost manufacturing plants $78,000 each year, but proper signage can help cut that cost. According to a recent OSHA report, digital signage can reduce workplace injuries by 20%, making video walls and displays important ROIs.

Vivid graphics and engaging videos can remind employees how and when to wear personal protective equipment (PPE.)  Watchfire’s true color calibration is ideal for clearly discerning between various color-coded safety signs, which are industry standards and often required by law. The flexibility of a LED sign makes it easy to display to content that can address all employees, regardless of education levels and cultural or language backgrounds.

Emergency Alerts
Many industrial processes and machinery produce high noise levels. Loud factory floors and safety headphones can prevent employees from hearing sirens and whistles. Bright, bold, visual alerts can warn employees of emergencies ranging from chemical spills to bad weather with instructions on what to do next. While whistles merely let workers know there is a danger, a digital display tells workers what the emergency is and what actions are needed to stay safe or minimize damage.  

Build Loyalty 
From HR messages about open enrollment to work anniversaries recognition, LED signs provide information that makes employees feel secure and appreciated. This benefits recruitment and retention. As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” An LED sign on your factory floor can spark this sense of togetherness.

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