Energize Your Franchise with a Corporate Program for Digital Signs

Corporate signage programs offer great benefits to owners, franchisees and sign companies. For businesses that are franchised or part of a multiple location company, a strong corporate partnership with a sign manufacturer offers many benefits. Owners can develop a menu of signage options, standardizing signs for different locations that fit into their overall corporate marketing plan. A well-defined corporate signage package provides a streamlined planning process, an approved artwork program and dedicated resources that help each business unit grow.

Most businesses think of nationally branded chains like Dunkin' when they think of corporate programs. Watchfire’s corporate program can also include banks, grocery stores, car washes, or any business with multiple locations. In general, our corporate program package is open to businesses that have 50 or more locations, whether they work through a single, national sign company or they work with a sign company in the local market.

For multiple location businesses, becoming involved in a corporate program makes financial sense. With the resources provided, affiliated businesses profit from a menu of products tailored to their locations and business type, including customized content and a way to effectively allocate advertising dollars in the most responsive way possible. Based on other signage and content needs, Watchfire can recommend a variety of sign sizes and resolutions that are designed to benefit businesses with multiple locations.

Signage options can be developed around a number of factors so that every business location can maintain corporate branding standards. In addition to size considerations, a corporate-approved sign package can address variations in viewing distances and local zoning standards, while still maintaining approved corporate standards.

LED signs reduce the time and cost spent on ad production, and give corporate marketing more control over branding, content, timing and scheduling of messages sent out to their locations. Watchfire’s easy to use Ignite software and the included EasyArt package of artwork extends the content options and enhances the value of each display. Our team will also create corporate-approved, custom content on an ongoing basis to reflect new promotions, seasonal items and enhance diverse corporate marketing campaigns.

Traditional static signs and sign structures are often seen as a capital expenditure, but with digital sign technology, those rules no longer apply. In the past, a chief marketing officer (CMO) might have limited input into the initial design of a static sign used for identification, but when planning for an LED sign it’s a good idea to include marketing in a more detailed way. Corporate marketers understand how to integrate images and promotions from other branded campaigns into the dynamic features of an LED message center. Smart advertisers know that by reallocating some budgeted resources, they can extend their reach and deliver immediate, relevant content with outdoor digital signage. LED signage is more than static-based identification, it’s a responsive marketing tool.

For multiple location businesses, the benefits are too great to pass by. Watchfire’s corporate program offers significant resources for multiple location businesses, all at no extra cost. Dynamic branded messages through our custom content for corporate program customers will set each location apart from the competition. For a great return on investment through responsive and high-impact messaging, there is nothing else on the market today like an LED display. 

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