Esports Arena Video Displays Spark Fans and Profits

This year, esports is predicted to generate $1.5 billion and reach 400 million fans worldwide, yet competitive multi-player, video gaming is often referred to by many as an emerging sport. Some will say emerging and billions are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence, but the industry has not found a scalable model to keep up with growth. In other words, there is no blueprint for schools, teams, leagues or investors interested in esports.

One of the most common struggles is establishing bricks and mortar locations and branding for a sport that has no geographic boundaries. Too often, teams and entrepreneurs build esports arenas with players in mind, imagining that fans will remain virtual. Not accommodating fans cripples venue-based revenue generation like ticket and merchandise sales. According to the 2018 Global Web Index, 68% of people aged 16-64 said watching esports tournaments in real-world stadiums would make them like esports more.

Whether retrofitting a classroom or building an esports arena from the ground up, indoor LED video displays offer the best solution for building fan engagement and attracting sponsors.

“Level Up” Your Video Displays
At home, esports fans can watch the action unfold on the same type of monitors that players use. Spectators have the same sense of immersion that players experience. When they attend a live multi-player tournament, these fans expect that same feeling and want it magnified.

Too often, college and startup arenas buy televisions for viewing, but they are not enough to keep fans engaged and coming back. Fans crave large video displays that surround them with the action.

The solution for these venues is a Watchfire video wall. It delivers the up-close viewing, ultra-high resolution and immersion fans love.

  • SEAMLESS: Bezel-free panels interlock to create seamless displays, in shapes and sizes unique to your brand.
  • LIGHTING: Watchfire’s proprietary whole-sign color calibration delivers impeccable color and depth under any environment, including daylight, fluorescent lights or stage lighting.  
  • GLARE FREE: Unlike televisions installations, Watchfire interior video displays are glare free and have wide viewing angles – up to 160° vertically and horizontally.  
  • INSTAGRAM WORTHY: There is a new saying, “If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.” A dynamic video display gives fans Instagram-worthy backgrounds and tournament broadcasters interactive set designs.

Generate Sponsorship Revenue
Esports is a lucrative business, attracting big-name advertisers like Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz. With video displays, college, high school and community esports’ arenas can enjoy in-venue sponsorships too. From naming rights to video ads during the tournament, teams and leagues are quickly discovering that a video display can pay for itself.

Watchfire’s Ignite Sports software makes managing content and messaging on single or multiple displays easy and intuitive. Drag and drop and touch screen features create content zones that showcase different content simultaneously while maintaining brand identity. Ignite integrates seamlessly with switchers, broadcast centers and live streaming.

Protect Your Electronics
During live gaming tournaments, player productivity is a priority. Your event is too important to risk failure of esports essentials like Bluetooth headsets, video equipment and wi-fi access.

The FCC requires manufacturers of electronic equipment, like video displays, suppress the electromagnetic emissions that can interfere with other electronics. To keep costs down, many LED display manufacturers ignore this federal requirement. They use cheap product designs and poor quality components that cause displays to emit harmful frequencies that can interfere with other devices and ruin the reputation of any tournament—without warning.

Watchfire digital entrance signage and interior displays avoid this unseen trap because every Watchfire product is FCC verified. All of our displays pass FCC Part 15 electromagnetic interference standards as confirmed by an independent lab. We further stand behind our products with an FCC Emissions Guarantee.

With its rapid rise in popularity, esports won’t be referred to as an emerging sport much longer. Like traditional sports, esports fans want a place where they can watch competitions, see their favorite athletes in action, be entertained and connect with the gaming community. And just like traditional sports, competitive gaming environments come in all sizes to accommodate different levels of play. Whether you are hosting 200, 2,000 or 20,000 fans, your venue needs to keep the needs of fans in mind and provide them with the excitement and engagement they crave.  

Contact us today to discover how Watchfire can bring unique video solutions to your arena or venue and help establish you as an esports leader.

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