Funeral Homes and Digital Signs

The funeral industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. The reach of technology into every aspect of society has changed consumer expectations, even as it relates to death care. From social media memorials to DIY personalization and email marketing, the death care market has become driven by the digital revolution. To meet these expectations, funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, and memorial gardens are embracing the digital tools needed to better serve customers. Indoor and outdoor LED signage from Watchfire can be an integral part of your digital offerings to help you serve families, provide information, strengthen relationships, and build a competitive edge.

Brand Building
On average, Americans spend 17,600 minutes behind the wheel every year. That’s a lot of time spent driving past your location. To explain your full range of services and maximize your brand impact, consider adding a Watchfire LED sign at your entrance. A digital sign allows you to highlight the longevity of ownership, encourage preneed planning, and promote services.

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Watchfire’s Ignite OPx content management software makes it easy to create and schedule messages from any computer with Internet access. Messages can be scheduled months in advance or changed at the last minute. Updating content to include information on scheduled services can be especially useful for the families you serve. As a cloud-based software, Ignite can also manage messaging at multiple locations. 

Prominent brands are defined by their colors, and a recent study by Marketo found that a brand’s color influences 60 to 80% of a customer’s purchasing decision. Watchfire uses only premium LEDs for longevity in the field, and our propriety color calibration process ensures logo color match and a visually striking appearance.

Community Outreach and Education
Hosting community events can enhance your personal and professional brand. These are opportunities for funeral professionals to connect with people under less-stressful circumstances, while showcasing your facility. These events are also budget-friendly marketing tools.

Host a learning session about funeral options to demonstrate your expertise and discuss the types of services available. Invite people in to tour your funeral home. Make sure your event is well attended by using a multimedia approach, including social media, local media, and your entrance sign. Share details, plus what people will gain by attending.

Interior digital signage can benefit your customers as well. Whether they’re attending a visitation or a prearrangement meeting, people often experience anxiety walking into funeral homes. With wayfinding information, calming colors, and familiar photos of a loved one, LED video displays in the lobby or lounge can put visitors at ease.

Video screens inside your facility help explain topics like cremation, vaults, and green burials, at a difficult time. Because LED displays are modular, you are not limited to a 16:9 ratio. This versatility in design allows you to fit high impact displays in smaller spaces or to accent your architectural features.

Unprecedented Personalization
Too often, technology is seen as cold and impersonal, but Watchfire’s video walls immerse families and friends in larger-than-life tributes that reflect their loved one’s hobbies and milestones. During viewings and visitations, large format displays can show family photos and videos and can even be connected to audio systems to create emotional connections during times of grief. It is an offering that sets you apart from the competition and adds value for families.

Unlike projection systems, an LED video wall is bright and vivid in any lighting. You don’t lose space to rear projectors with LED displays that are thin and mounted directly to the wall. With LED walls, images are clearer and can be viewed from anywhere in the room.

Innovative funeral directors are using digital signs and displays to define spaces, celebrate lives, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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