Getting Started: Tips For Your LED Sign Purchase

The viewing distance is probably the most important of these general considerations. LED signs are designed to provide optimum viewing at certain ranges based on how far apart the pixels are. This distance is measured in millimeters and is referred to as pixel pitch.

Electronic message centers with a tight pixel pitch, such as 12mm option, create vivid experience, whether viewers are close to your sign or far away. A larger distance between pixels will works well if the sign is viewed mainly from a longer distance, such as from a highway. A good rule of thumb for viewing distance is that you need one millimeter in pixel pitch for every meter away from your sign people will be. For instance, the pixels in a 16mm sign will blend seamlessly together when viewed from a distance of least 16 meters.

Next, consider whether your products or services will be best promoted with a full-color LED sign or with a monochrome LED sign. Businesses of a visual nature, from retail to real estate, will benefit more from the display capabilities in a full-color LED sign. Some service related businesses, along with schools and churches may find a monochrome option provides sufficient detail for relaying basic messages.

As with any business investment, you must also consider your budget.  If you think of an LED sign purchase as an advertising expenditure, rather than a capital investment, the monthly investment of an LED sign compares very favorably to other advertising options.  LED signs typically cost less than newspaper, radio, television and yellow page advertising in terms of cost per impression. In addition, LED signs allow you to change your message frequently and instantaneously, so they can be used to announce time-sensitive information, promote sales or attract attendance to special events.  Plus, an LED sign at your business has the power to reach consumers as they pass by, delivering your message right at the point of purchase.

With these basic considerations in mind, the next step is to select a sign partner to design your sign, guide you through the purchase and installation process, and provide routine maintenance and service. The company you work with should be familiar with your local sign ordinances and have experience with permitting.  Be sure to choose a sign company that is experienced in LED sign installation and service. Ask for and check references, and if you have the opportunity for a facility tour, take it. Remember that Watchfire LED signs are sold exclusively through our network of dealer partners, and we’d be happy to recommend one near you. But keep in mind your future growth needs. Your LED sign should serve you for at least five to ten years.


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