IPAWS Integration for Billboard Operators

Watchfire digital billboard software Ignite OA features access to the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), a tool that public safety agencies can use for real-time notifications related to emergency situations. Local alerts can provide life-saving information, allowing Alerting Authorities to deliver public safety information in the event of weather events, natural or man-made disasters, or dangerous or missing person alerts.

Ignite OA already provides a superior scheduling suite for managing digital billboard media but also provides free and easy access to local emergency messaging. IPAWS' integration with Ignite OA can instantly display emergency information, including weather warnings, directly to Watchfire digital billboards. This critical functionality empowers billboard owners to leverage their digital billboard network during emergencies, ensuring that timely and vital messages reach the public when they matter the most.

Billboard operators who opt in to the IPAWS system can access our Ignite Emergency Alert System (EAS) application in Ignite OA. In the EAS application, users can access a dashboard to customize the alert system, including types of alerts and geographic areas. Operators also have access to the EAS Portal to view active alerts and the area they are covering for alerts. Granular control lets billboard operators select any combination of advisories, watches, warnings, and much more.

Ignite OA also allows operators to change how alerts appear and behave on their billboards. Emergency messages can be set to automatically override any current messages, or alerts can be added to an existing rotation. Specific rules, like the duration of an override, can also be defined.  Policies are independent of a billboard, so one policy can be applied to multiple billboards. Billboard operators can even view a map and select the area or county for which they wish to receive alerts.

The integration of IPAWS is an exciting step forward for digital billboards, reinforcing their use in the interest of public safety. Existing Watchfire billboard owners can check their display compatibility by contacting their Watchfire account manager. Assistance will be required to enable Ignite EAS in Ignite OA.

Contact Watchfire to learn more about enabling EAS in your Ignite OA software.

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