Keep C-Store Customers Coming Using Digital Signage

Repeat customers are the key to success for convenience stores. Today, c-store owners are trying everything to maintain a high level of frequent customers. Of all the options, digital advertising is the most cost-effective method.

Digital signage might seem like an expensive investment, but it’s the easiest way to attract passing drivers to come into the store for their morning coffee, discounted snack specials, or those late nights where energy drinks are needed. Convenient food options are increasing in popularity and many convenience stores have a fast-food chain inside their facility. These affiliated businesses can bring more people to the pump and the cash register.

A recent report by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) determined that frequent customers are individuals who typically respond positively to a new product or food service being offered at a particular convenience store. They drive more hours per week than other drivers, and will change their buying behavior to save money. This demographic only makes up about 28% of c-store customers, but can have great influence in defining the success of a convenience store.

There are no simple lines for winning these customers over, but promoting new products and food choices works. Running specials and promoting daily food items with a digital sign’s dayparting feature keeps your messages fresh and interesting, which is incredibly helpful. Using a manual reader board limits the flexibility of your messaging and impacts your reach, reduces your ability to promote product offers, and makes standing out from the competition difficult. With a digital signage, you can drive customers to the pump and into your store daily using dayparted messages that catch consumers’ attention. Dayparting and changing messages let you increase opportunities to reach new customers who may not care about a morning cup of coffee, but may like energy drinks or soda at night to keep them alert. It starts with an impulse purchase, but slowly develops into frequent customers who are willing to change their buying behavior to save money or get a great deal.

Digital signage is the most cost-effective, flexible and efficient form of advertising that keeps customers coming to the pump and then into the store.


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