Keeping Your Digital Sign Content Secure

Like many other technologies, digital signage benefits greatly from the addition of wireless communication between the sign and the computer used to manage content. Wireless communication breaks the literal tether that used to limit access to upload and schedule content on electronic message centers or digital billboards.

But like any wireless technology, security is paramount to maintain control of your remotely managed digital signage. Software used to schedule and update the sign can become vulnerable to outsiders gaining control if best practices for password management are not followed.

Here are some security tips from Pattabi Doraiswamy, Watchfire’s Software Engineering Manager:

- Create and use strong passwords

  • The longer the password, the better. Each character you add to a password makes it harder to crack.
  • Never use easily guessed or common passwords, such as “password”, “qwerty” or your name or user name.

- Never share your user name or password, or write them down in an accessible place. (That’s like leaving your house key hanging outside by the front door.)

- Never use the same password across multiple sites or applications. Passwords can be stolen from databases with poor security.

- Always remember to log out of an application or lock your computer when you are finished.

- Periodically change your password, and be sure to update your account if your team experiences personnel changes.

Wireless security begins when you order your LED signage. When working with an LED manufacturer, find out about their content management software. Do they design their own proprietary software? Does it have access features built-in that are user friendly and secure? Does the company undergo regular audits to verify the security of their product and the ever-changing field of wireless communications?

Like any good security measures, secure wireless communications require pre-planning and attention to detail. Don’t take your wireless communications security for granted. Stay vigilant and protect your digital signage investment.

When it comes to choosing a manufacturer, are you smart enough?

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