LED Signs Can Help Sell More Blizzards®

Quick service restaurants are always looking for ways to reduce advertising costs, while increasing traffic and sales. Savvy Dairy Queen® franchise owners have discovered digital signage that gives their locations the power to display enticing content and daypart promotions to capture the attention of consumers.

Blizzards® are one of the most unique, branded food items DQ® offers. Using digital signs to promote this treat during hot summer days or late-night dessert cravings has been shown to increase profits. Dairy Queen owners know that Blizzards are a high profit margin and can experience an average annual income of $30,000 from that one item. Imagine being able to promote fan favorites and seasonal Blizzards on a digital sign to increase that revenue.

Depending on the daily sales volume, a 15% increase in sales could conceivably pay for the sign within one to two years. For the average-sized on premise sign with the cost amortized over five years, an LED sign would have an estimated cost per day of about $26. By promoting a high net profit item like DQ Blizzards, an increase of seventeen items per day would give owners the means for the sign to pay for itself. Anything beyond those items is pure profit.

One of the most significant benefits of digital signage is its low advertising cost that can produce a comfortable increase in revenue within the first year. Many competing quick service restaurants have started to incorporate signs at most of their locations because they experience such a quick return on investment. With strategic content scheduling, a highly effective digital sign can pay for itself within the first two years.

By tailoring messages to your target audience, your business and promotions are in front of potential customers driving by, when they are more likely to purchase promoted items. With digital signage, controlling your advertising is easy. Content management software makes scheduling simple, whether you do it months in advance, or need to make last minute changes. Cloud-based options let franchise owners control one sign, or a network of signs from anywhere with an internet connection.

Watchfire’s Corporate Program provides additional benefits, including monthly custom content that aligns with DQ brand standards and an easy menu of sign options to choose from. To learn more about Corporate Programs sign packages, call Watchfire at 800-637-2645.

Learn how to make your restaurant stand out with our free guide to digital signage for QSRs.

Dynamic digital signage can engage your customers, encourage add-on sales and attract customers. Learn how to make your restaurant stand out in our free guide to digital signage for QSRs.