LED Signs: Timely Messages in any Climate

Driving in to work this morning I saw a convenience store owner struggling to change the message on his manual reader board. We’re located in the midwest where it’s windy, cold, and getting ready to dump our first measurable snow of the winter. This poor guy was out there with his suction cup letter changer, and as I watched him I saw that was fairly adept at getting the letters up there despite the wind. He had the right idea too. The unfinished message read, “Shov”, and I can only assume he was putting up a timely message about snow shovels.

Like so many business owners, this guy knew what he was doing. We’ve been lulled into a nice mild winter. Shovels, scrapers and ice melt are the furthest thing from our minds – until we woke up this morning to a forecast of a 4-inch snow. With a simple sign this smart businessman can probably clear out the remainder of his snow related inventory.

But is it really that simple? It looked like a bit of a struggle to me. How many business owners don’t, won’t or can’t take the time to stand in the cold wind wielding a 20-foot pole to update the message on their manual sign? When a sign is too difficult to update it becomes a liability – another missed opportunity that drips away time and money like a leaky faucet.

In today’s economy, with energy prices soaring and margins slipping to stay competitive, business owners run a leaner-than-ever workforce. Convenience of the format certainly makes a case for replacing old manual boards with an electronic message center. I am certain that the man I saw this morning would have preferred to spend 2 minutes updating the sign message with a computer over struggling for 20 minutes out in the elements. Beyond convenience, a new LED message center would also bring greater visibility.

Watchfire has helped hundreds of convenience stores upgrade to digital signage. We’ve worked with dealer partners nationwide to create easy-to-update sign solutions. The c-store industry is built on convenience – shouldn’t you have a sign that is built on the same principle?

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