LED Video Displays Enhance Sports Brands

Watchfire video displays turn sports brands into branding experiences. 

Worcester Ice Center; 12mm, 5'5In sports, it’s not enough to create a brand, you need to create a brand experience that will keep fans engaged. LED video displays have become a powerful and profitable way to create an experience that engages fans and develops lasting and meaningful relationships with the brands of sports franchises, facilities and events.

Create a gate-to-game journey.

Cities and universities are developing sports “villages” around stadiums, arenas, and civic centers. Villages bring in tourism dollars and turn a three-hour game or concert into a daylong experience for everyone. Video displays are responsive enough to partner with the village experience, immersing attendees in your events and providing additional impressions for your sponsors.

Starting with the facility’s entrance, static signs identify the venue and maybe give you information on the facility’s schedule. An LED digital sign does so much more. With dynamic content, you can spark ticket sales and engage fans and tailgaters. Show highlights from last week’s matchup or live video of game preparations inside the facility. Display real-time social media posts for pre-event hype and inspire other fans to share those posts with their own networks. Imagine the excitement that a video clip of a favorite player waving to the crowd will generate. Moments like that are shared and can go viral.

The architecture of an entrance video sign can reflect your brand too. Watchfire can customize video signage to fit irregular shapes and spaces. Create a distinctive look that compliments your brand or surroundings and turn the entrance sign into a destination point. Add great content and you’ll engage fans with your brand before they even walk into the facility.

Inside the venue are more opportunities. Build loyalty with ticket booth digital displays that pop with team colors, wayfinding signs that show a mascot eating signature nachos to promote your concession specials, and concourse video walls that tell the story of team traditions.

A diverse network of displays like virtual scoreboards or “jumbotron” type installations can help build brand consistency with creative designs, like duplicating the entrance sign architecture on your LED components. (Check out this video demonstrating how Watchfire created a football scoreboard and video display to match the architecture of The Villages High School.) Watchfire integrates seamlessly with your existing components and favorite applications, letting you create, manage and display professional, image-driven content that fires up fans and sponsors.

Flip brands in seconds. 

By using digital technology, video board technology lets facilities “flip a space” without additional cost or labor. A stadium’s virtual scoreboard can host a football team on Saturday, then look totally different when scoring a soccer game on Sunday with only a few simple changes. Scheduling and updating colors, crowd prompts, scoreboard layouts and advertising ensure that fans stay engaged. It also allows different teams to coexist in one facility without either of them feeling marginalized.

A digital environment lets venues and sports complexes not only rebrand according to each team but also for every event. “Thanks to our Watchfire display, we can better accommodate the multiple teams and events that play at Danville Stadium,” said Tom Fricke, stadium multimedia operator.

“When we host the high school sectionals, we build content for the video board that is ad-free and school neutral. Our graphics complement the blue color within the state association logo, and the messaging reflects their sportsmanship program,” says Fricke. “After that, we can easily change to get ready for the summer collegiate team. Their content color was green, and full of profitable ads and good-natured smack talk.”

The ability to personalize a venue with the brand and sponsors for each tournament gives facilities a competitive edge when bidding for an event. It is the kind of event service loved by tourism offices and convention and visitor boards.

Invite fans (and future fans) to interact with your brand and immerse themselves in the experience. With social media feed integration and camera-ready video, Watchfire video displays help you entertain and inspire people. In return, fans reward you with their time, attention and loyalty. They help generate new revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and ad sales.

Discover for yourself how Watchfire digital displays showcase great content that breaks through all the white noise and encourages fans to share their experiences with your brand.


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