New Features of Ignite OPx

Watchfire never rests on past success. Our employees come to work every day with one goal in mind – how can we make our products better? That’s why we’re excited to bring you the newest features for Ignite OPx, our cloud-based content management software that never stops working to improve your experience with Watchfire products. Our latest version of Ignite OPx has been designed to make the process of scheduling and publishing your content easier than ever.

As a cloud-based software, using Ignite OPx means you never have to wonder if you’re using the latest, most efficient version, because it will always update automatically. This also includes access to our EasyArt library with over 1000 professional animations and stills.

Schedules Tab

Customize your scheduling process. We’ve improved workflow by making it even easier to schedule content, whether you want a simple playlist or to daypart your content by day or hour. Programs, Calendars, and now Playlists are located under the Schedules tab and are accompanied by updated visuals and a convenient features list that helps users differentiate between the 3 scheduling options.

New Playlist Editor

One of the most useful features of the latest version of Ignite OPx is the playlist editor. We have introduced a simplified interface for the playlist editor with in-app guidance that helps you get started. Just like previous versions, all operations are done by dragging-and-dropping uploaded content, custom content, or graphics from Watchfire’s free EasyArt library. An updated and more intuitive drop-down menu gives you creative scheduling options. Double click on a single piece of content to get more detail about playback options. The new playlist editor lets you select multiple pieces of content and easily adjust their playback schedule all at once.

With Ignite OPx, you can easily advertise coffee in the morning, or display lunch specials in the afternoon. Promote specials only on specific days or schedule an activation date to advertise an event in the future and set automatic expiration dates. If you’re concerned about complying with ordinances in your area, the flexibility of Ignite OPx allows you to set a default hold-time on individual pieces of content in a playlist. 

Scheduling Options

It’s easier than ever for users to publish content to a sign because playlists can now be directly published to a sign underneath the Network Tab – in just the same way users would publish a program or calendar. This efficient workflow is perfect for inserting time-sensitive content – like Amber Alerts, weather warnings, or other last-minute updates.

Watchfire never stops working to bring you the best-looking, most reliable signs, with the most intuitive and convenient digital sign software.

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