Promote Your Car Wash with Digital Signage

Wash Co.; 12mm, 5'5Car wash businesses look for every advantage to stand out from the crowd, so going digital with on premise advertising just makes sense. Digital signage can help every business with responsive and programmable marketing, and increase your customer base.

Watchfire sign customers can attest to the clear benefits of using an LED sign to increase traffic. Johnathan Butler, Co-Owner of James Street Car Wash, discovered the advertising value of digital signage when he saw a live demonstration at a trade show. His company noticed immediate results once the sign was installed. “We were surprised to see that our fall sales figures were 75% higher than the previous year, before the new sign was installed. Our business sits back from the street, but our full color Watchfire sign helps us stand out from every other car wash in the area. Our traffic count is up, and so is the average price spent per vehicle,” said Butler.

James Street Car Wash; 12mm, 3'5Effective signage can bring customers into your car wash, and increase the chances that they will spend more on offers or promotions they see displayed on a digital sign. Promotions and deals that can be scheduled at a moments notice or months in advance using our proprietary Ignite content management software. Making customized messages is easy and allows you to target your customers. Ignite’s mobile application allows customers to update sign schedules and change messages from anywhere with an internet connection.

Car washes using digital signage can inform loyal customers on current specials and broadcast promotions to potential customers driving by. Another Watchfire sign owner who recently saw a quick impact of adding digital signage to their location is Glen Sheeley, owner of Wash Co. Car Wash & Laundromat. Sheeley saw the benefits of advertising at a lower cost per impression. “The new sign has given us amazing results! We turned the sign on and immediately exceeded our customer projections. We do not need to spend additional advertising dollars. Whatever we are advertising on the sign creates an immediate customer response. Our initial projected customer count was met in a fraction of the time expected,” said Sheeley.

Creating a wonderful experience for your customers will increase the likelihood of them returning, and that starts at the entrance to your business. Boost your car wash business with outdoor digital signage.

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