Clean, Simple, Digital Billboard Content Still Wins Customers

Digital billboards continue to grow as a popular advertising method in the US, as more businesses seek ways to capitalize on their high visibility and ability to generate impressions. This interest is understandable given data from Nielsen’s 2020 Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Report states that 62% of drivers acknowledge noticing a digital billboard within the past month. As billboard operators look for ways to increase engagement between their client’s ads and consumers, keeping content simple may be the best way to achieve success.

Short, Concise, Bright Messages
At Watchfire we’ve advocated for keeping text in messages concise and easy-to-read for all sizes of digital displays. Stick to brand-approved colors and fonts if they are easy to read, and consider using other high contrast colors that stand out. Use as few words as possible, which means long, hard to remember website addresses are not practical. Instead, focus on company names, easily remembered slogans or logos for people to associate with the ad.

Conditional and Dynamic Content
Uncluttered messages that utilize conditional and dynamic content do a phenomenal job of resonating with potential customers. Try not to focus too much on branding messages. Instead use conditional scheduling to immediately adapt to changing conditions, or employ dayparting to change messages from a breakfast promotion to late night snacks. Our flexible Ignite OA scheduler allows you to upload multiple ads for each advertiser and schedule those ads according to the time of day. 

Easy to Understand Content Updated Frequently
The power of outdoor advertising is real. In the Nielsen report, 57% of people who saw a digital billboard ad visited the associated business after that exposure. An advertisement on a 14’ x 48’ or bigger digital billboard is going to get noticed. Capitalize on that visibility by making recognizable, easy to follow content that elevates each ad’s engagement potential.

Keeping content fresh is another way to improve ad effectiveness. Watchfire’s Ignite OA makes it easy create and run advertising campaigns that use conditional triggers and dayparting. Our inventory management software also lets billboard operators track real-time availability to optimize occupancy and ad rates.

Digital billboard advertising should represent each advertisers brand and promotions clearly and pique the interests of consumers.  By eliminating unnecessary words to tell your story and sticking to clean, simple messages, you can attract prospects, engage customers and increase sales.

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