The Importance of Color in Digital Signage

How important is color in advertising? So important that different color forecasting and research companies, such as Pantone, predict the coming year’s most popular colors. These prediction services are popular since they help companies improve their products and image. For example, color can affect how companies design their ads and can make product packaging more current and more enticing.

When it comes to outdoor digital signage, Watchfire’s own color capabilities (up to 4.72 sextillion colors) are the best on the market. Our whole-sign color calibration means our signs have deeper, more accurate colors.

Vibrant colors that are true-to-life can make messages more memorable, and mean corporate branding can be reproduced precisely, with colors that match all other marketing materials. Our XVS signs are whole-sign color calibrated from pixel to pixel, module to module and across the whole sign before they leave our factory.

Calibrating for color is important, but the human eye is actually more sensitive to differences in brightness than in color. As a final step, the sign color and brightness are verified using highly accurate colorimeters.

Because of our unique process, we can replace a module on an installed sign with a new module that has been calibrated to match. This drastically increases how long the sign will last without requiring field calibration. It also ensures that advertising images will always look their best.

Every Watchfire XVS model sign is whole-sign color calibrated. Learn more about what makes Watchfire XVS signs a smart choice in this article on comparing W-series and XVS signs.


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