Transforming Fremont Street

Fremont Street Experience is beginning to test the capabilities of its new digital canopy from Watchfire Signs. When it’s time to ring in the new year, the new Viva Vision Light Show will be giving visitors an amazing experience, and creating brilliant memories of their trip to Fremont Street.

We sat down with Robert Wright, Manager of Strategic Projects at Watchfire Signs, to learn more about the project and the transformation of Fremont Street Experience.

What differences did you notice with Watchfire’s new product compared to the product that was previously used?
Anyone who has visited Fremont Street this summer has been able to notice the significant improvement the new digital display product brings in brilliance and brightness. Fremont Street Experience requested a unique look for the canopy that would allow light to pass through it during the day and not darken the street below. Watchfire spent considerable time designing a new product to achieve that requirement and maximize the visual effects for the audience. This was achieved by designing the digital modules that allow light to pass directly through them, while greatly reducing the indirect light from viewing angles on the ground. The black modules also have a specific texture applied that prevents glare and reflections from surrounding lights. This allows FSE to play content during non-show times that looks just as vibrant as when the lights on Fremont Street are dimmed for shows.

Is the project on schedule, and how has it come along so far?
The project is more than a month ahead of schedule. Production work is complete, and all product has been delivered in Las Vegas. Originally the project was set to wrap up the week before Christmas 2019. As of today, it is on track to be done in a few weeks. It has been a tremendous team effort at Watchfire to meet this schedule. Our partners in Las Vegas; Tre Builders, Federal Heath, GSL Electric and Southwest Steel have been excellent to work with and their cooperation has accelerated the schedule. FSE has been the perfect customer. They are more than willing to assist wherever possible, work with everyone and be flexible during this project.

Has Fremont used the new digital canopy for light shows or events yet?
Yes! Right after installation began, FSE asked if they could use the new display on the west end for the Steve Aoki show. Section one was ready the week before, and Steve Aoki used it to put on a great show. FSE has continued to use the new display all summer for nightly shows and events. The response from visitors has been very positive, and has been a significant driver in accelerating the schedule.

The new Fremont Street Experience is almost here. The largest continuous LED display in the world gives visitors a digital experience that is without comparison. Watchfire, its employees and the Danville community are proud to be such an integral part of this unique project.

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