True Color Calibration Gives Watchfire Billboards Perfect Color and Brightness Uniformity

Color Calibration - Comparing Competitors with WatchfireWatchfire manufactures digital billboards with high quality LEDs, meticulously sourced and tightly graded by color and brightness. Our LED binning process is up to 4 times more refined than manufacturers who rely on single-bin LEDs. Then we take our focus on uniformity a step further, color calibrating every digital billboard and XVS LED sign, pixel to pixel, module to module, across each sign.

This additional step means that Watchfire digital signs are 70% more uniform than an uncalibrated LED display. And that means brand colors are reproduced perfectly, skin tones look natural and content stays true to life – on day one and for years to come.​

Without color calibration, digital signs can noticeably deteriorate from variations known as tiling and quilting. Distracting color variations make content look sloppy, and may even prompt you to replace a board after just a few years.

Learn more about our proprietary color calibration process in this short video.

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