Two New Watchfire Digital Billboard Advantages

The engineers at Watchfire are always looking for ways to give our digital billboard operators an advantage in the market and increase ROI. We are excited to roll out two new design features that will reduce installation time and the daily cost of running your digital billboards.

First Advantage: Mounting Time Cut To As Little As An Hour
Watchfire’s new interlocking cabinets reduce installation time by as much as 50%. With familiarity, many Watchfire installers have reported mounting 14’ x 48’ digital billboards in as little as two hours, which was already much less than some alternatives. However, our new cabinet design cuts that time down to as little as an hour by providing an easy path to joining sectional signs. Our design reduces trips up and down ladders, and eliminates the need to connect the cabinets from within. 

The benefit to our customers is less time on-site for crews and equipment, which can directly translate into lower installation costs. There are also fewer opportunities to damage the sign during installation because now all the work can be done without removing modules.

"The new Watchfire interlocking system for assembling large digital signs is a game changer, and exactly what I’ve come to expect from Watchfire. Traditionally, the bottom unit is mounted, then the top unit is hoisted for assembly. We have to remove LED modules, bolt the cabinets together, and then caulk around the bolts to prevent moisture from intruding,” said Ben Phillips, president and owner of Phillips Signs. “Assembly with the new interlocking system is done completely outside the sign on the ground. The two pieces slide together and line up perfectly. Once bolted together, the entire sign is installed, and in half the time.”

Second Advantage: Lower Electrical Consumption While Retaining Fans
Watchfire has many, many digital billboards in operation that have exceeded ten years of operation. One of the keys to this longevity is that we’ve made ventilation a priority since day one. We simply believe that one reason Watchfire signs last longer is because our system manages heat exceptionally well. We just aren’t willing to cut corners on this driving factor in durability and lifespan.

Research and development efforts never stop, however. In 2019, we’ve released a new ventilation design that maintains the use of fans, but reduces overall energy consumption. What does that mean for billboard operators? It means the max amperage is lower, which decreases your electric bill each month. With our enhanced ventilation design, a typical 14’ x 48’ digital billboard’s electric current consumption is reduced by 15% - 50% depending on content and environmental factors.

These two new advantages can increase your ROI. Your new billboard will be easier to install and will be generating revenue faster. With Watchfire, you’ll pay less for monthly electrical bills with fewer fans and more energy efficient digital boards.

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