Know Your Warranty to Protect Your Investment

Watchfire's demo truckWhenever you deal with a manufacturer, at some point the discussion focuses on warranties. Warranties are an important reassurance when making a major purchase, telling customers that the manufacturer will repair existing parts or provide replacement parts free of charge.

It is important to understand exactly what your warranty covers. All warranties are not created equal and it can be challenging to interpret every detail for an LED sign or digital billboard. Understanding what to look for can help you determine which company deserves your sign or digital billboard purchase.

The fine details in a warranty can actually limit a manufacturer’s responsibility. For example, a current LED company’s warranty has a stipulation that they will repair failed pixels if 0.5% fail within one year. They define pixel failure as when all the LEDs in a pixel no longer emit light. In this scenario, a 4’ x 8’, 16mm sign with a matrix of 80 x 160 would have 12,800 pixels. A .5% failure would equal 64 pixels. If the sign is comprised of pixels that use 4 LEDS, that’s a total of 256 LEDs that must fail in one year before your warranty protection kicks in. If every single blue LED in the sign failed, that still would not qualify for a warranty claim since it does not meet the failure definition of all LEDs in a pixel.

Watchfire offers an industry best 5-year warranty. Our track record as an industry leader speaks for itself. In 86 years of business, we have never outsourced our warranties. Some LED companies transfer their warranty responsibilities to a third party. This is not in the customer’s best interest because the manufacturer does not have to stand behind the products they sell and the third-party agent has little to no incentive to invest money in resolving claims.

Manufacturers who stand behind their products do it because they have confidence in the components and the manufacturing process. Watchfire designs, engineers and builds our products to set the highest standards for digital billboards and LED signs. As a manufacturer we stand behind our warranty and ensure our customers can rely on their purchase now and for years to come.

One of Watchfire’s core values is to be straightforward and respectful with those who purchase our products. We are driven to provide the best service and overall experience for our customers and to deliver a product that meets and then surpasses our customers’ expectations. Our warranty demonstrates how confident we are in our products so you can be confident too.

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