Maximize Your Exposure with an Upgraded LED Sign

Silver Slipper Casino; 16mm, 17'4" x 24'3"​Digital signage has changed dramatically over the past decade. Today, you can use LED signs to increase your brand exposure with more creativity by utilizing all of its advanced features.​

Installing a new LED sign provides your business with enhanced advertising capabilities. Better graphics, more colors, and superior software enables your message center to create buzz that an older LED sign simply cannot do. In today’s digital age, signs are capable of highly advanced programming that can change the way you advertise. Along with using cloud-based access, and the integration of data feeds and social media, today’s digital signage is easy to use with endless creative messaging options.

Software is the secret ingredient to maximize a business’s ad exposure. With Watchfire’s Ignite OPx, it only takes minutes to schedule a day-parted campaign. Older software could take up to ten times as long with limited design options. To take advantage of mobile applications, you’ll need cloud -based software that continuously updates. Having excellent software makes it easier to convey your message, without sacrificing too much of your time, which leaves more time for daily business operations.

Just because an older sign is functioning doesn’t mean it’s making a lasting impression on your potential customers. Real-time updates have never been easier, with live video on-demand, and RSS feeds to provide a fresh look that customers are drawn to. One of the coolest new features on larger LED signs is the ability to segment the sign into zones, which gives owners more flexibility to reach a broader audience. Think of the benefits zoning and segmenting would provide to a multi-tenant retail location.

A final feature that eases the control of one sign, or many, is the stress-free usage of a wireless data plan. With wireless control, you can connect to your sign from virtually anywhere with an internet connection to make scheduling last minute changes or emergency messages a breeze.

LED signs have come a long way, and these advances give businesses the opportunity to reach more consumers on a more personal level. An upgraded LED sign gives everyone the opportunity to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

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