Using Digital Billboards to Engage with Local Communities

Digital billboards feature vibrant and engaging messages that build connections between local communities and advertisers. This includes information about local events, weather alerts, or safety protocols that assist businesses in fostering a relationship with their city. Residents trust companies involved in their community, and local advertising can create trust and boost revenue. In this blog, we will explore the various ways companies can engage with their communities through outdoor digital advertising.

Community Spotlights
Featuring partnerships between local businesses and nonprofits with outdoor advertisements can encourage community support and engagement, showing the community that businesses are advocating for local causes. Promoting local causes can help companies build long-lasting relationships with their community and create loyal customers. Working with non-profits can create opportunities to stretch creatively, generating eye-catching messages that help elicit an emotional response.  

Community Updates
Displaying real-time information on digital billboards is another way businesses interact with local communities. Digital billboards can be used to display content that adapts to community situations, which can be particularly powerful if there are no other local media outlets. Watchfire’s Ignite OA makes creating sponsored content for local weather conditions, sports team scores, and traffic information easy. Billboards can also play a vital role during emergencies and have been used nationwide to display extreme weather warnings, local evacuation instructions, and AMBER alerts.  

Interactive Hashtags
Digital billboard ad campaigns are often used to drive consumers to an online action. Through interactive hashtags, companies can foster engagement in the community and incorporate multiple media channels. Specific hashtags and handles can bring potential customers to the business’s social media pages and can be used to share positive messages and promote unity.

Outdoor advertising serves as a platform for communication that consistently updates customers on products and services. Businesses can engage with local communities through community spotlights, updates, and interactive hashtags. These methods can help build brand awareness.

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