Watchfire Announces Winners of Digital Billboard Awards

A digital billboard advertising campaign featuring dynamic content for an independent car dealership in 2015 landed Barnes Advertising Corporation of Zanesville, Ohio, the Best of Show award in the 2016 Watchfire Digital Billboard Awards.

The awards were established to recognize digital billboard operators and advertisers who demonstrated advertising effectiveness, design, entertainment and legibility in digital advertising using digital billboards in 2015.

Fink's Used Cars, also in Zanesville, receives new inventory regularly. As new vehicles are entered into stock, the VIN is scanned and sent to an RSS feed. Using Ignite OA software, Barnes Advertising was able to extract a portion of the RSS feed and display it on the digital billboard within a content page designed especially for the campaign. This method allowed recent vehicles added to inventory to be immediately displayed to the buying public. With content changes each time a new vehicle was scanned, the client has great success with increased traffic for the dealership, and consumers inquiring about the every-changing vehicle offerings displayed on billboards.

“As the medium of digital advertising has advanced, the use of creative and dynamic content continues to emerge and improve, and we felt it was important to recognize campaigns that focus on the unique strengths of digital advertising,” said Darrin Friskney, Watchfire’s vice president of marketing. “The use of these tools has tangible effects on ROI for advertisers, and improves business practices for outdoor operators. We are proud to highlight the innovation, engagement and capabilities of digital advertising, and want to applaud those who are doing it best.”

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