Watchfire LED Signs Make an Impact at Schools Nationwide

More schools and colleges are updating their campus signs and scoreboards with LED signs. Schools are getting plenty of support from local businesses and parent organizations to fund the signs. Here are just a few ways schools are making their Watchfire LED signs work for them.   

  • Increased attendance at school events: Many schools have problems communicating news about special events. It’s easy for flyers and invitations to get lost or ignored. A digital sign displays news of upcoming events while reducing paper waste. Expect to see more fans and supporters at sporting and academic events!
  • Increased community interaction: People love seeing birthday wishes, congratulations and other messages on digital signs. Watchfire customers repeatedly mention that local residents like seeing new messages and view it as a local news source. Selling personal messages is not only a great way to offset the cost of the sign, but will help entice more people to take notice of the sign. 
  • Professional-looking scoreboards: Add a Watchfire LED sign to a scoreboard and you’ll bring a level of professionalism to your local games. East-West Stadium in West Virginia did this, using their Watchfire LED sign to display player intros and instant replays, as well as video ads, just like pro sports teams do. Customers have also used Watchfire’s Creative Services team to create custom art for their LED signs.
  • Enhance media production skills. Students will love the ability to design and manage the messages that appear on signs. Watchfire provides training on Ignite® Graphics software, which helps users design messages and schedule ad campaigns. Training and technical support is priceless: what good is a sign if users don’t know how to create effective messages? Adding sign management to your school’s media production or journalism classes sparks students’ interest, as some of our school customers have discovered. It also helps them practice valuable editing and design skills.

To learn more about how rival schools in Fairmont, W. Va., came together to fund, install and enhance student programs with their Watchfire LED sign, read the full case study.

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