Watchfire Preps Centerhung, Scorer’s Table and Shot Clocks

As winter sports get underway, Watchfire has introduced several new products to enhance scoring, timing and fan experiences for matches at high schools, colleges, and sporting complexes. The latest innovations include easy-to-install and customizable video centerhungs,
the LED scorer’s table, a variety of shot clocks and pre-assembled audio cabinets. These are in addition to our LED sports video displays and scoreboards that can be found in professional and amateur stadiums across the country.

Centerhung Videoboard
The cornerstone of the new lineup of Watchfire's sports products is an innovative centerhung video display that features a self-climbing hoist for easy and quick installation. Built with Watchfire’s prefabricated ReadyDisplay, the new centerhung interior videoboard can be customized with two, three or four sides and with top or bottom rings.

The Watchfire ReadyDisplay Centerhung is available in various resolutions and sizes from 5’ x 8’ to 10’ x 16’. It features adjustable tilt faces for ideal viewing configuration. Venues can add mitered LED panel corners for a seamless, edge-to-edge experience. You also can add branded panels to the corners and bottom with team and school logos or static advertisements.

The centerhung 360-degree sports video display is operated using Watchfire’s Ignite Sports software and a tablet device. It can be used to display a digital scoreboard as well as crowd prompts, advertising and branding messages. In addition to LED digital centerhungs, a traditional fixed-digit scoreboard design is also available.

“Sports technology changes rapidly, so we are focused on innovating our products to meet the latest needs of sporting venues for the best quality products that add value to players and spectators,” said Pattabi Doraiswamy, Watchfire Signs Vice President of Research and Development. “From R&D to design and in-house manufacturing, our focus is always on innovating quickly while staying focused on quality.”
Additional products shipping now for indoor sporting venues include:

Digital Scorer’s Tables
Measuring 3’ x 10’ and available in various high-resolution LED pitches, Watchfire’s rugged scorer’s table is portable and can operate alone or connect with additional tables to create a single display up to 60 feet long. It comes with padding in multiple colors, a built-in horn, rack mounts, and cup holders.

Watchfire Sound Enhancements
Watchfire’s pre-assembled audio packages feature a new smart cabinet design that delivers quick installation, weatherproof protection, and easy-access service panels. The mesh cover ensures ultra-clear and consistent audio plus team branding opportunities.

New Video Clock
Watchfire’s video display doubles as a shot clock and videoboard. It syncs with the game clock, and can be zoned to display lineups, welcome messages for teams and players, sponsor logos and fan prompts. The two-foot clock includes a perimeter light to indicate the time has reached zero.

Independent Shot Clocks
Watchfire’s latest shot clock operates independently of any existing scoring system via a handheld controller. This is ideal for a school adding shot clocks to its gym. “Beginning with this basketball season, many state athletic associations are permitted to adopt the shot clock rule, and these products make it easy for schools choosing to do that,” said Kyle Dines, Watchfire Vice President of Sports. “As the Official Scoreboard and Videoboard Manufacturer of the National Federation of High Schools, we felt it was important to provide a clock that was affordable, easy to install, and operated reliably whether or not the school is using a Watchfire scoreboard.”

All sports displays and equipment from Watchfire are backed by a five-year ironclad warranty. We also provide free phone support for the life of the product to give you the uptime you need when you have a busy athletic schedule.

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