Watchfire Signs Unveils the Latest Ignite OPx Updates; Giving Users More Options for Scheduling and Network Management

Watchfire Signs has new updates to its powerful Ignite OPx content management software, featuring a new user interface, an easy process for creating, scheduling, and updating content, and more scheduling options.

Ignite OPx is a content creation, scheduling and content management software that brings messages to life by adding dynamic animations and graphics. Watchfire’s latest updates have added new ways to schedule content and simplified the user experience. A new playlist editor includes easy drag-and-drop functionality as part of the enhanced user interface.

The playlist editor also makes customizing message playback easier with a new drop-down menu. For example, a school could schedule messages for an upcoming event weeks in advance, or a retailer could set messages to expire when a sale is over.

This newest Ignite OPx version includes simplified functionality in the Calendar scheduling option. Owners of interior and exterior digital displays can use the new default calendar feature to avoid playing outdated content. Default calendars also allow users to schedule playlists or programs as a fallback when there are no events scheduled.

Watchfire carefully considers every update to their Ignite suite of software with the user in mind. “Our internal teams use Ignite OPx to manage a variety of Watchfire and customer-owned display networks. The user experience is as important to us as it is to our customers. Updates like improved content and scheduling editors help make the work of managing signs easier and more efficient,” said Brian Huber, Watchfire’s creative team manager.

Ignite OPx remains the industry’s most robust solution for managing digital displays by allowing users to upload, create, schedule, and publish content from anywhere.

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