4 Ways to Engage Your Audience Through Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the easiest and most cost-effective advertising tools you can use to engage your audience. Here are a few examples of how to use your display to improve foot traffic, time on your website, and ultimately more sales.

Communicate New Information on a Weekly Basis
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that almost one-third of shoppers make choices based on information communicated by a business’s sign. Communicating current information to customers keeps them interested. Sharing basic information like the weather or current time, and new company promotions or initiatives makes your sign a reliable landmark. To keep your messaging consistent, rotate  content with basic information that may run more frequently with special content that is scheduled less frequently. This will also keep your content looking fresher and more appealing.

Give Your Audience Insight into Your Company
Help people understand the mission of your business. Sharing a unique story about your business makes people feel more engaged. For example, if your company donates an amount from every purchase to a charitable organization, be sure to promote your activity and the organization that benefits. Highlight your employees of the month, share fun facts about the history of your business, or display welcome messages to new hires, visiting vendors and guests.

Use Calls to Action to Inspire Customer Engagement
Promote a coupon code or short URL to drive traffic to a landing page on your website. Push them to your social media channels with fun questions on your display. Ask viewers to share responses on one of your company’s social media pages where you can mention additional promotions or company news.

Create Clean Digital Signage Content
Your digital signage content represents your company and needs to stand out. The University of Cincinnati research also found that 34% of shoppers associate sign quality with store and product quality. Messages that look good encourage people to act on or engage with the content. Keep content text straightforward, big, and clean by breaking messages down to as few as words possible. Use multiple content pieces to promote larger messages and keep transitions simple. Color combinations matters too, so try to use bright, bold, outlined text over darker backgrounds. This can help create effective messages.

Keep your audience engaged by using digital signage to effectively get your organizations promotions, product launches, campaigns, etc., noticed daily.

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