Double-sided 10mm LED sign at Allwein Carpet One in Annville PA.

Allwein Carpet One, Annville, PA

Allwein Carpet One in Annville, Penn. has a not-so-secret weapon when it comes to enticing new customers to step inside the showroom. Its two-sided, high resolution 10mm Watchfire display is responsible for driving at least 67 percent of the store’s new customers, and bringing in another 40-50 percent of repeat customers who see their messages and then come in to buy.

“The 10mm is like watching a television; the image is so crisp. We are able to highlight our flooring options and colors.” said Sue Lane, Allwein’s sales manager. “Another advantage is that it has a wider viewing angle, so people can see it better as they pass by.” 

Lane says that she rotates about 10 different messages on the sign each day, and keeps messages active for two to three weeks. “Because of our name, people are always surprised that we offer much more than just carpet. When we highlight wood or tile flooring, or Hunter Douglas Window Fashions on the sign, people come in asking for it,” said Lane. 

Carpet One’s corporate marketing team works with Watchfire, a preferred vendor of digital signage, to create customized messages that are consistent with the national marketing campaign and calendar. Lane then supplements these messages by creating her own content using Watchfire’s Ignite software and EasyArt library, and schedules it to appear on the sign. 

“I use Watchfire graphics whenever possible, but if I want to create my own message, it’s really easy,” said Lane. “Most of the messages we post are promotional, including Carpet One sales, warehouse sales, new product introductions, etc. The rest of the messages include financing information, help wanted ads, community service notices, holiday greetings and local event reinforcements.” 

“Our customers tell us that the message on the board is what brought them into our store. We do other advertising—mostly radio,” said Lane, “but our Watchfire sign performs better at getting customers into the store, hands down.”

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