Bomberger’s Hardware Store, Lititz, PA

Bomberger’s Hardware Store has a history that goes back six generations. Founded in 1887 as a general store, the family-owned and operated enterprise is now an Ace Hardware location, a John Deere dealer, and a flooring and countertop installer. In 2017, they opened a second location.

During recent rebranding efforts, the company decided to purchase a new Watchfire sign for their second location. An early adopter of LED signage, Bomberger’s also upgraded their older Watchfire unit at the company’s original location.

“Overall, our new signage looked sharp, and we wanted our digital message signs to be equally appealing,” said Jose Garcia, Bomberger’s marketing coordinator. They chose a 12mm sign that offered great clarity, a brighter display and enhanced software options for both locations.

Bomberger’s uses their Watchfire signs to highlight sales and top brands. They serve as significant advertising tools for creating awareness about goods, services and events with exceptional flexibility. Recently, a big event had to be cancelled due to weather and the sign was updated quickly to help notify the public.

With so many different kinds of products and services to highlight, the digital medium saves them time and money in designing their advertising plan. Whether it’s messages about seasonal items, trade-ins for tractors and lawn equipment or specials on flooring, the agility of Ignite content management software helps their marketing department design a plan with many areas of focus. Ignite also allows the content for both locations to be controlled from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

“I really like the ability to upload images and video clips we’ve created in After Effects® and Photoshop®,” said Garcia. “It sets us apart from other businesses in the area with similar signs.”

Bomberger’s knows their messages get noticed. They frequently get requests from other local businesses and organization to place messages on their sign, but for now all of their schedule is needed to promote the extensive products and services they offer to their community.

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