City of North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC

North Myrtle Beach, S.C., had been promoting local events using banners on poles located in the right of way where Main Street and Highway 17 intersect. The city acquired property on the corner of the intersection to construct an entrance sign and decided to include a digital message center as a way to advertise area events, attractions and activities.

The new gateway signage welcomes millions of vacationers to the resort area every year and now features a vibrant digital message center on a brick base with the North Myrtle Beach logo. The area is surrounded by lush landscaping.

“We were looking for a way to promote all the events happening in the area, as well as public safety messages, and decided that a digital message center was the most attractive and effective way to do this,” said Suzanne Pritchard, senior planner/urban designer for the City of North Myrtle Beach.

The sign was designed by Tyson Sign Company of Myrtle Beach, which specified using a Watchfire display.

“We like working with Watchfire because they put out a great product that’s so user friendly,” said Greg Stalvey, vice president of sales for Tyson Sign Company. “In this area, salty air can be a problem for digital signs, but Watchfire signs hold up great in this environment.”

In addition to promoting community events, the city uses the sign for public information and safety messages, including changing regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can also be used to provide timely updates and directions during storm evacuations. The city used the sign to advise residents and visitors to monitor the weather when Hurricane Isaias approached the area.

Local businesses and community groups welcome the new sign and its ability to get messages out quickly about events.

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