Compassion Church, Florence, SC

Compassion Church in Florence, South Carolina, is an active faith community with robust ministries focused on teaching youth and ministering to adults recovering from addiction.

The church’s sanctuary seats approximately 600 people for worship. However, recently the projector began to fail, with images and words becoming too dim to read. The screen didn’t reflect the quality of the building and the beauty of the sanctuary, and made it difficult for worshippers to participate.

The church’s pastor, Jay Teal, teamed up with Signs Ltd. of Lake City, South Carolina to come up with a solution. Signs Ltd. specified a large, full-color indoor video display from Watchfire. “This was a game changer,” says Teal, as worshippers no longer had to struggle to view the screen.

The church decided to attach the display to a pulley system so it could be raised and lowered as needed. “When we have programs, we can add any backdrop we want,” says Teal. “Our stage design team is thankful. It makes their job much easier.”

The new display also has been helpful for online services, providing a more professional appearance for people watching services remotely. The church posts services on its Facebook page to extend the reach of its ministry. While Teal is preaching, the image behind him is just as clear to those streaming at home or watching on a computer as it is to those sitting in the sanctuary. “It may seem small, but that’s one of the things people often mention,” says Teal.

The church operates the display using ProPresenter and has found the system integrates seamlessly with Watchfire’s control system. “It works flawlessly with our screen,” says Teal. “If you have someone who can click a button, they can operate this screen.”

Signs Ltd. specified Watchfire for Compassion Church because the displays operate reliably. “We install a lot of Watchfire displays for outdoor applications, and we like them because they are trouble-free,” says Kenny Sauls, owner of Signs Ltd., who also is a member of Compassion Church. "The new display makes lyrics, videos, and any kind of background or scenery on the stage crisp and clear to viewers regardless of where they are sitting or standing.”

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