Decker Diamond Jewelers, Ebensburg, PA

Dan Decker, owner of Decker Diamond Jewelers, knew his jewelry store’s high traffic location would be ideal for an LED sign. He had considered purchasing one for several years, and as he saw the quality of LED signs increase and prices decrease, he knew it was time to invest. Little did he know his sign would do more for his business than increase sales - it would stop thieves.

Decker Diamond Jewelers, in Ebensburg, Pa., has served the Johnstown and Altoona areas for more than three decades as the premier jewelry store and diamond source. Owner Dan Decker knew an LED sign would be perfect for his high-traffic location, but chose not to have a large pylon sign in front of his store for many  years, until he knew the time was right to invest in an LED sign.

During the decision process, Decker worked with his local sign company, Minahan Sign Company, to schedule an on site demonstration with a Watchfire demo truck - right in front of his store. The demo truck visit was critical in helping Decker choose the right resolution sign to make the images of jewelry on the store’s sign really standout.

In the months following the sign’s installation, Decker saw a dramatic increase in foot traffic in the jewelry store and estimates that the sign had attracted an additional 700 to 800 new customers to the store. Sales were up and all was well. Then things got interesting.

After an unfortunate theft at the store, Decker used his Watchfire sign to publicize security footage, posting surveillance images of the thieves on the sign and to his Facebook page. That publicity was instrumental in helping police identify and arrest the suspects. “People were calling, driving by and even stopping to photograph the sign,” he explained. Within a day, the suspects in the surveillance images had been identified.

As a believer in the power of LED signs, Decker said the sign has lived up to and exceeded his expectations. “The return on investment is quicker than I expected,” reported Decker. He described the sign as “one of our best business decisions.”

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