First Brokers, Berlin, NJ

First Brokers Insurance began in 1989 at owner Michael Bowen’s kitchen table. He grew the business steadily, moving to a small rented office that he purchased in 1994. At that time, its only signage was an aging marquee. Bowen knew that a more technologically advanced digital sign would increase his business.

After speaking with several companies, Bowen found Sign Pros in Glendora, NJ. Sign Pros owners, Nick and Lisa Kappatos, expertly installed a Watchfire display centered between two beautifully designed identification signs supported by a sixteen foot steel frame. First Broker’s sign has become a landmark in the area.

“Not only is the sign perfect,” said Bowen, “The entire staff at Sign Pros, from the owners to the installers and from the tech crew to the receptionists, is easy to talk to, eager to help and are experts in their field.”

Since installing the sign, business at First Brokers has picked up significantly. Bowen reports that people stop in to request quotes after driving by and seeing the sign’s content. “We put a client’s first name on the sign and show how much they saved by coming to us,” said Bowen.

“Many people stop to ask for a quote and say that they also want their name in lights.” With Ignite software, they’re able to make content updates quickly.

First Brokers also offers to promote local events and fundraisers on the sign for community organizations. This has boosted the company’s reputation in the community and positively impacted their referrals through local organizations and members.

Bowen reports that their experience with Sign Pros and Watchfire has been positive. Watchfire’s Ignite content management software is user friendly, even for those with little computer experience. The digital display has been durable regardless of weather conditions and has had no operating issues.

“Installing my Watchfire sign was one of the best decisions I ever made,” said Bowen. “It not only brings in more business, but it adds to my property value.”

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