Goebel Chiropractic, Fort Wayne, IN

Goebel Chiropractic has been a part of the community in Fort Wayne, Ind., for over 100 years. Dr. John Goebel’s grandfather, Dr. Carl Goebel, founded the clinic in 1916 to serve patients with high quality chiropractic care.

The Goebel family has seen many changes in that time. As John Goebel considered options for replacing his former sign after it was damaged in a snow storm, he had his eyes on the advertising power of a digital sign. “I had seen other digital signs in the area,” said Goebel. “I liked the versatility of changing copy to reach various target markets."

Their previous sign was a static, illuminated piece that only served to identify the practice to those driving by. Changing to a digital sign gave Goebel the ability to move past traditional media like radio and television. Through a traffic study, he learned that over 29,000 cars a day pass by his practice. This was convincing evidence that a digital sign at his location would reach a significant number of people who could benefit from Goebel’s services.

The new sign was designed and installed by Watchfire’s local dealer partner, The Baldus Company. “I loved working with the folks at The Baldus Company,” said Goebel. “They recommended Watchfire because of their professional presentation and history of service."

The Baldus Company has a long-standing relationship with Watchfire. “When approached by Dr. Goebel, we recommended Watchfire Signs, and set an appointment for a visit from our territory manager and his demo truck,” said Hugh Baldus, owner. “There’s no better way to demonstrate our expertise and the quality of the Watchfire message center, than to show it to them in person. We emphasize Watchfire’s approach to sign construction, the ease of message programming, brightness and clarity of the display, along with our project management and design capabilities.”

Goebel estimates that they average one new client each week since installing the sign in the summer of 2014. He has been a strong advocate for other chiropractors who ask about the sign’s success. He also receives many positive comments from different area merchants. Baldus confirms the impact of their new sign. “Goebel Chiropractic uses their sign to its fullest, and has passed along several leads from prospects who saw the sign and were impressed,” said Baldus.

With his new sign, Goebel can publicize specials for new patients, market chiropractic care, and support the community with messages that promote local school events and other national public service campaigns. With the easy-to-use Ignite software for programming the sign, Goebel has a lot of choices for his sign’s content. “The ability to use GIFs is my favorite feature,” said Goebel. “Ignite is very user friendly.”

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