Home Savings Bank, Chanute, KS

A full service financial institution in Chanute, Kan., Home Savings Bank has been serving area residents for 122 years. Located on a busy thoroughfare in this agricultural town of 10,000 residents, the bank wanted a unique way to communicate with customers as well as the community, and to increase its franchise value.

Home Savings Bank President Mike Reid began considering a Watchfire sign when Chanute’s hospital, Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center, installed the town’s first LED sign, made by Watchfire. “That sign prompted me to start thinking about using a sign for Home Savings Bank. I took a close look at the money we were budgeting for advertising versus the benefits we were getting from those dollars. I concluded that a digital message center would be more innovative and provide a greater impact, while allowing the bank to customize information for residents and bank customers,” said Reid.

The new full color 19mm LED sign replaced a 20-year-old wood structure with plastic letters. It lacked messaging capabilities, and according to Reid, it was rarely noticed because it was both plain and located far above eye level. “It was way too high. To catch the eye of passersby, you had to look up 20 feet, so we were barely noticed.” Reid adds that the community quickly connected with the new sign, "People have come in and thanked us. They told us that we made an impact on them as they drove by. Prior to the sign, they drove by and didn’t even look in our direction. That’s what we wanted — to be noticed."

The new message center displays the daily time and temperature, morning greetings, community event information and special bank promotions throughout the day. Reid says the professional-looking, colorful display is simple to program, thanks to Ignite® and the software training his staff received from Watchfire.

The sign has achieved Reid’s goal of positioning Home Savings Bank as a devoted Chanute citizen. “If the high school has a prom, we promote it. If the Rotary Club has a fundraiser or the Chamber of Commerce hosts a pancake breakfast, we accommodate them."

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