KULA Media, Calgary, AB

David and Kathleen Shykula haven’t always been involved in outdoor advertising. David, an electrical engineer, and Kathleen, a corporate trainer and graphic designer, formed KULA Media in 2010 and began their search for a digital billboard manufacturer.

From the very beginning, David was impressed by Watchfire, saying, "Because I’m an engineer, I am very curious about technical specifications, so I took my time researching all of the sign manufacturers. I knew that the quality of the signs could make or break our business, so I weighed our options very carefully."

According to David, a factory tour was an outstanding experience, but it was Watchfire’s manufacturing process and technical specs, along with the high-quality images Watchfire LED signs portray, that made his decision easy. "The tour was great, and our representative was outstanding, but what sold me on Watchfire was the impressive, high-quality product they offer. For example, Watchfire only uses the highest quality LEDs, they have the most comprehensive 5-year warranty and the best sign calibration around, and each sign has fully encapsulated modules to seal out moisture. I also appreciate that Watchfire LED signs consume less energy than many competitors’ signs do, which is confirmed by their UL energy certification."

The Shykula's launched their business and purchased two 16mm Watchfire digital billboards in February 2011. They stand back-to-back at a red-light intersection in the heart of the Foothills Industrial Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. David says the results have exceeded their expectations. "Within one month, the signs were leased at 50%, and within two months, they were fully leased. Now we have a waiting list for ad space on the sign,” David said. “And my messages have gone from simple text-only messages to very professional looking ads, thanks to Watchfire’s sign-programming software, Ignite® Online.”

David and Kathleen are very satisfied with their decision to go with Watchfire. “We could have taken the easy way out by buying pre-made signs from overseas, but we decided to go with Watchfire’s technically superior signs so we could stand out above the competitors’ signs,” said David. “We highly recommend the company and the product. We’re very happy that the employees at Watchfire Signs are all dedicated and supportive people who truly care about us succeeding in our new business venture. We definitely made the right decision when we chose Watchfire.”

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