Mile High Outdoor, Grand Junction, CO

Interstate 70 Business at Main Street in Grand Junction, Colo., is the location of the city's first digital billboard, installed by Mile High Outdoor and manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. The 10' x 30', 19mm digital billboard replaces a static billboard in the same location.

The new billboard is Mile High Outdoor's fifth digital billboard in Colorado and the first manufactured by Watchfire. "We did a lot of research and got great feedback about the quality of Watchfire digital billboards," said Steve Richards, president of Mile High Outdoor. "Our Denver office is 250 miles from Grand Junction, so Watchfire's reputation for manufacturing an extremely reliable product was important to us."

The new digital billboard is located on an important commuter route, with a daily traffic count of 12,000 vehicles. The location boasts a lovely backdrop of mountain scenery and a long approach to a stop light, making it a sought-after location for advertisers. Regional and local advertisers include restaurants, a university, a hospital and event promoters.

Ease of use is another reason Mile High Outdoor chose Watchfire. "Good creative is the most important element of billboard advertising, and the ability to change messages is an attractive feature of digital billboards," said Richards.

Watchfire digital billboards use Ignite OA to easily create complex advertising schedules, including dayparting, multiple ads per advertiser, time/temp and counters. The fact that Ignite OA is web-based makes it easy for operators to manage their Watchfire board from anywhere.

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