Riverways Federal Credit Union, Rolla, MO

Riverways Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that has been serving its members in and around Rolla, Mo. since 1959.

Riverways’ architect had already specified Watchfire Signs to manufacture the display when they contacted Springfield Sign. “We were glad to see Watchfire already specified for this project,” said Trey Watts, vice president of sales for Springfield Signs. “We’ve had a great relationship with Watchfire for more than 10 years, and are always confident that our customers will be happy because Watchfire signs are so reliable.”

The new double-sided sign features all aluminum framing and a two-tone green acrylic face that is backlit to make it visible any time of the day or night. The Riverways identification is made from fabricated steel I-beam with channel letters creating the logo. The 4’x7’ message centers are located above the logo at the apex of the sign so messages are highly visible.

The credit union takes full advantage of the message centers to display dynamic content that is easy to update.

“We put promos, events, and other information on the sign and almost always have a member call or come in referencing it,” said Scott Shults, CEO of Riverways Federal Credit Union. “I love to hear them say, ‘I saw your rate on the sign, how do we get started?’”

In addition to reliability, Watts said he likes to specify Watchfire displays because they are easy to program and come with Watchfire’s strong warranty and customer service. “There’s even a broadband system for remote diagnostics, which saves time,” says Watts.

The Rolla sign was so successful that the company installed an identical sign at its Cuba, Mo., location, which doesn’t have an actual branch. The virtual credit union includes a canopy with two drive up lanes with “smart tellers.”

“The signage and branding is equally important for a small location like this,” said Watts. “In both locations, it’s important that the signage grabs the attention of passing motorists. These signs certainly do that.”

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