University of The Bahamas, Nassau, BS

The University of The Bahamas is the national public institution of higher education in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. After more than 35 years of serving The Bahamas, the college will transitioned to The University of The Bahamas in November 2016.

To prepare for this transition, the main campus, located in the capital city of Nassau, on the island of New Providence, embarked on the creation of a new landmark entrance to the campus that will also serve as a meeting place for the college community. Students will be greeted by dual formal entry walls, street lighting, lush landscaping and two identical Watchfire 16mm signs flanking the entry roads.

According to Ronnie Stevenson, vice president of operations for the university, approximately 10,000 people will pass by the new entrance daily. “The new signs at the entrance will become our main method of getting information out to students and faculty, as well as to the community,” said Stevenson. The University has more than 6,000 students and 300 faculty.

Stevenson said the university plans to use the Watchfire signs for announcements, event notices, registration reminders, and to welcome new students for orientation, among other messages. Previously, these announcements were done on radio, television and the Internet. “Having our own LED signs will reduce our advertising costs significantly,” said Stevenson.

Construction of the new entrance was contracted to Island Site Development (ISD), Nassau, which is handled design, earthworks, demolition, and installation of the new entrance. ISD specified Watchfire digital signs for the project because of their capability to display text and images with the option for live video, at a resolution best suited for the location.

After considering different manufacturers, ISD chose Watchfire for their industry-leading attributes. “Watchfire signs are advertised to produce richer, truer, and more life-like images than competitors, and include benefits like automated diagnostics, lightweight modules, and durable aluminum cabinets,” said ISD project engineer Chrisna Smith. “Communication between Watchfire representatives and the ISD electrical team, along with the manuals and kits provided with the signs, allowed for smooth installation and setup. The Watchfire sales and technician teams have been very efficient and informative from procurement to installation of the signs.”

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