What Makes Digital Better | Dynamic and Conditional Content

Use scheduling, dynamic content and conditional content to create more successful advertising campaigns that result in a better return on investment and higher contract renewal rates.

The difference is clear: Digital billboards allow you to create more impactful advertising campaigns.

Dynamic Content is an interactive feature unique to digital billboards. This feature allows you to utilize functions in the content management software such as countdowns, time and temperature, image boxes, or even RSS feeds.

With dynamic content, the ad begins with a template design, then dynamic content is added to provide additional information that is updated automatically. Advertisers can put a countdown function on an ad about an upcoming sale, or a time function can alert drivers that it’s time to tune in to their favorite radio program.

Conditional Content allows advertisers to take functions like temperature and data feeds, and establish certain triggers to cue very specific content. This function puts the advertiser in control of how and when their messages can be displayed for the most effective impact.

Once content for different scenarios is generated, an advertiser can indicate that they’d like a specific ad to show when the temperature is above a certain degree (or below it).

Think of a "data feed" as information that feeds into a web-based application to be pushed out through other forms of media. News and sports based data feeds can all work with Watchfire digital billboards’ conditional content functions.

These are some of the key benefits for your advertisers when it comes to maximizing their exposure on a digital billboard. Getting your advertisers’ messages out there in a flexible, responsive way brings the best aspects of all advertising media together. By using the benefits of digital to their capacity, you’ll deliver significant, measurable results.

When it comes to choosing a manufacturer, are you smart enough?

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