Display Baseball Scores on your Watchfire Digital Billboard

Owners of Watchfire digital billboards can use free Ignite OA widgets that integrate up-to-the-minute baseball scores. The widgets provide custom artwork and RSS feed links that automatically update as the season progresses.

Digital Billboard running pro baseball scores

Pro baseball games generate a lot of excitement for those who follow America’s pastime. Owners of Watchfire digital billboards and on premise LED signs can now download free widgets that allow them to integrate real-time baseball scores. The widgets provide custom artwork and RSS feed links that will automatically update the score during games.

These widgets are self-contained Ignite OA files that include the artwork and data feed information that allow operators and advertisers using Watchfire signs to take advantage of the unique dynamic capabilities that digital outdoor provides.

If you own a Watchfire on premise sign using Ignite Graphics Software, you can create a dynamic message using this RSS URL: http://baseball-viki-watchfireignite.appspot.com. You can learn more about using RSS feeds with Ignite Graphics Software in our KnowledgeBase.

The live feed rotates between all of the previous days' games from 3:00 a.m. to noon (ET). After noon, it plays a list of upcoming games, followed by live game scores until 3:00 a.m. (ET). If no game is played, the feed will display “NO GAMES TO REPORT”.

To access prepared dynamic artwork files for common digital billboard sizes, please complete this form.