Sell More Inventory with Ignite OA

In this short video, sales director Kyle Dines explains how the right billboard business management tools can boost productivity and sales.

It’s no secret – managing digital billboard inventory can be a big time commitment – time you’d probably rather be spending on something else. We’re going to show you how you can spend less time managing your sign inventory and more time focusing on the rest of your business.

If you’ve been successful selling time on your billboard you’re probably feeling pretty good. But you’ve probably also noticed that all those fractional spots on the board take a lot of time to manage…time that could be better spent running the rest of your business. If you had a reliable, automated inventory system you could fill those open spots and keep every second occupied by a paying advertiser.

What you want is inventory management software that does the work for you. Just set the hold time that works in your market and let the software do the rest. At Watchfire, we’ve designed comprehensive inventory management software that allows you to maximize your sign revenue with minimal time and effort.

Better inventory management lets you identify peak market periods, optimize your advertising rates and ultimately close more sales. Plus, with the ability to categorize each ad, you can eliminate worries about conflicting ads, like competitors or incompatible businesses, showing in adjacent slots. That makes your customers happy, and brings you more business.

Okay, so let’s say you’re a billboard operator and you don’t know what spots are available on your board six months from now. That makes it tough to proactively sell your spot inventory ahead of time and avoid scrambling when an advertiser’s contract expires.

Keeping track of your inventory in a spreadsheet is a great starting point but it isn’t very practical or responsive. It can’t give you information quickly or when you’re on-the-go. You have to sit down at a computer (sometimes for hours) running multiple reports and pulling data from lots of places to get an idea of what spots are opening up down the road.

Not anymore. The right inventory management system does all of this for you, in one convenient place. You can get your inventory reports from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. You’re no longer tied to a computer or spreadsheets. Get detailed information about your sign inventory when you need it in just a few clicks. And by accurately tracking sales, you’ll know the value of every second on your board and which spots command a premium rate.

Better inventory management allows you to free up the time you’ve spent managing boards so you can focus on more important things – like selling, developing new locations, or taking a vacation.

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