Our 10-Year Brightness, Color and Parts Guarantee

Accept no compromises with Watchfire’s unparalleled ten-year billboard brightness guarantee, ten-year color uniformity guarantee and ten-year parts and labor warranty.

10 Year Assurance 

How long does a digital billboard last? It's no guessing game with Watchfire billboards. Never before has a company unconditionally guaranteed that your digital billboard will look as good in year ten as it did on day one. Our revolutionary technology delivers a refined image consistency based on objective specifications color calibrated in the factory and maintained in the field. An unprecedented assurance in the out of home industry that puts your company years ahead of the competition. MX Class - for those who want to invest in best-in-class 16mm and 19mm digital billboards.

Financial Certainty

We guarantee your MX Class billboard’s display will look factory fresh after ten years of operation. If it doesn’t and we can’t make it right, we’ll pay you a cash refund. These innovations allow our operators to have an unprecedented certainty in financial performance and the replacement cycle.

Color Uniformity

You will never worry about your board’s appearance with Watchfire’s proprietary technology that objectively measures color uniformity over the course of its operation. We’ve developed a process that accurately maintains uniformity from the factory to the field, and releases you from
years of uncertainty.


Watchfire’s engineers developed a method to increase brightness while maintaining longevity, which guarantees a display brightness of at least 7,500 nits for ten years. You’ll have 100% confidence in the durability of your digital billboard without sacrificing brightness.

Parts and Labor

The MX Class has an unmatched ten year warranty proving that, with more than 80 years in business, Watchfire is renowned for building and supporting the finest products on the market. It’s that simple, and that important.

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