Pro Tip: How to Use Sample Content to Sell More Advertising

Billboard operator Neil Bell joins us to share insights on improving advertiser usage of the capabilities of digital billboards through sample content and timely ad changes.

For some advertisers, using digital outdoor is a new experience. They may not understand the capabilities of a digital billboard. It’s your job to help them understand that you’re not just selling them static space, but a billboard that advertises relevant, vibrant content.

Sample content, or "spec art", helps clients visualize the dynamic nature of advertising on a digital billboard. The first time you call on a business that’s new to digital advertising, come in with ideas on how digital will work for them. Take art examples showing their logo or, if you can’t get a logo, ads for businesses similar to theirs. Show them digital content that can countdown to a big sale or show them how they can display photos of customers with new purchases. Demonstrate how digital can change according to their day to day, or hour to hour needs. It’s a matter of showing them the possibilities, versus just selling to them.

Remember that clients who fully utilize digital billboards and change content more frequently during their contract are more likely to renew. By staying in contact with your digital clients and helping them with content options, you learn what their needs are and be the first advertising medium there to help.

Watch the video to learn more.

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