Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas is home to the largest single video screen in the world. The canopy display, originally built in July of 1995, is getting a long awaited upgrade in 2019.

Watchfire was selected from among 15 digital screen manufacturers around the world to completely design and rebuild the new canopy. The canopy is suspended 90 feet in the air, has a 97 foot arc length and is 1377 feet long. Once completed, the new LED display will be four times sharper and seven times brighter, now allowing operation in daylight. The $30 million+ project is scheduled for completion in late 2019.

Watchfire designed a custom-made 27mm module to specifically meet the stringent requirements of this project. This unique design allows air to flow through the modules, which is critical for installations in high heat and in situations with restricted airflows. The module can be cut to wrap around canopy architecture allowing for a more immersive experience.

Watchfire will manufacture over 66,000 modules for the project. The sign will be built in ​68” x 280” sections​, called subframe assemblies. 64 Modules make up each subframe assembly, with the full display consisting of 1,054 subframe assemblies.

Watchfire started construction of the modules in December 2018. At our Danville, Illinois, headquarters, each frame is first painted with a 2-part UV stabilized, polyurethane enamel. Brackets, components, wiring and modules are all installed by hand. On average, five subsections can be built in one day. The modules allow light to pass through the display, which can be seen when looking at them straight on. The display’s transparency is diminished when looking at it from an angle or from the ground.

Prior to shipping, each subframe assembly is rigorously tested and color calibrated using Watchfire’s proprietary calibration technology. This ensures uniform color reproduction across the full display. Subframe assemblies are shipped 18 per truckload in custom made containers.

Installation is being completed by local trade builders and managed by Federal Heath. Row by row, old sections will be taken down and replaced with new sections. Installation will take up to eight months, and be completed in eight sections. New sections will be set to match the brightness and resolution of old sections until the display is complete.

Installation is planned during early morning hours to minimize disruption to businesses and visitors. The new display will allow Fremont Street Experience to operate the canopy display during the day, attracting more tourism and money to local businesses. The full brightness and capabilities of the new sign will be unveiled on New Year’s Eve, 2019.

Watchfire is proud to partner with Fremont Street Experience to reimagine and bring new life to this iconic Las Vegas attraction.

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