C-Store State of the Industry Recap

Convenience is key for C-stores. With timely, responsive advertising at their doorstep, store traffic and profits will increase to deliver positive sales results.

Did you know that over one third of all brick and mortar stores are convenience stores?

In fact, the number of C-stores continues to rise and the industry itself is getting more and more competitive. To be a top performing store, it’s important for C-store owners to use tools like LED signage to increase their sales and stay responsive in a changing market.

The bottom line is this: everything that brings in revenue is easily and effectively advertised with a digital sign at the C-store location. Getting this information in front of customers is vital to driving traffic into the store and increasing profits. The good news is, the cost of advertising with an LED sign is lower than every other form of advertising out there. Plus, LED signs are the only kind of advertising that promotes sales to customers right at the C-store’s front door.

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