Chain Retail Locations

Nationally branded retail chains like Napa, Carpet One, Ace Hardware and many others have discovered how LED signs drive traffic and increase sales.

As a retailer, you’re facing more competition than ever before. As you work to stand out in the crowd, a Watchfire LED sign is a dynamic and cost effective digital advertising tool for reaching customers near your location who can act on your messages. Studies show that 88% of impulse purchases happen because the item was on sale. An LED sign can help you advertise specials and promotions that will increase your foot traffic and enhance the visibility and branding of your location.

Greater visibility and increased foot traffic are important to growing any business, but retail businesses can especially benefit from location based price and item advertising. LED sign messaging gives you the ability to speak to potential customers already at your front door. No other form of advertising has proven to be as affordable as an LED sign. On a cost per thousand impressions, or CPM, basis, LED signs are far less expensive than TV, radio or newspaper advertising. This digital medium is unmatched in ease of use, efficiency and effectiveness.

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“Now that the investment has been made, the sign works 24/7 for us. The sign gives us the flexibility to display multiple promotions in addition to recognizing community events. Repeatedly our customers tell us that the message on the board is what brought them into our store....”
  • — Sue Allwein
  • Owner, Allwein Carpet One

Chain Retail Locations Case Study Highlights

“Every time we refurbish, relocate or build a store, I replace the old signage with digital."

For NAPA stores in Maine and New Hampshire, the importance of distinguishing their locations as retailers became important within an overall corporate strategy to boost the NAPA brand among general consumers of auto parts. Steve Milton, District Manager with NAPA Auto Parts of Maine and New Hampshire says that is precisely why he utilizes the advertising power of digital signs at all of his region’s corporate locations.

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