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Put your hotel on the map with a state-of-the-art Watchfire LED sign.

An LED sign can give your hotel or facility a fresh, updated look but much more than just an infrastructure improvement, a Watchfire LED sign offers one of the most powerful and cost-effective advertising tools available on the market today. The ability to communicate all your location has to offer, like banquet facilities, free Wi-Fi and continental breakfast, can help drive traffic and increase your bottom line.

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“The team that completed the installation was well prepared and efficient from start to finish. Another important component of the sign is the new Watchfire digital display. We now have the ability to advertise and promote all our events and many services. We very much look forward to all the...”
  • — Stephen J. Sikking
  • Managing Partner, Eden Resort

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“They brought a couple different Watchfire boards right to the convention center, so we were able to see exactly..."

The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center is a multi-purpose facility that hosts conventions, trade shows, festivals, weddings and other special events in downtown Buffalo, NY.

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