ReadyDisplay™ Videoboards and Scoreboards

Sparking school spirit is a snap with ReadyDisplays, Watchfire’s pre-assembled video sports displays and virtual scoreboards. Designed to fit through gym doors, these turnkey videoboards are easy to install and operate.

Information on the ReadyDisplay. Learn more about the resolutions and sizes available, ranging from 3’ x 8’ to 10’ x 16’. Engineered to be installed by a small group, each stand-alone display arrives with its own mounting, easy instructions and computer system pre-loaded with Ignite Sports software.

Easy solutions for your event management. These turn-key videoboards are budget-friendly solutions for high schools, district-wide purchases, community colleges, small colleges and universities, sports complexes, recreation centers, civic centers, and start-up esports arenas.

Get ready to score, entertain and earn. Download the ReadyDisplay flyer to learn more.